Coolant troubles

We’ve toyed with a number of ideas for coolant containers. Constrained by the space we’ve got to put the cutter in, I was after something taller rather than wide, but not likely to topple over.

We’ve got 3.33 L of coolant (we sold 1/3 of the 5L we bought) so mixed with deionised water at 4:1 that gives us 16.5 L or so in total.

Looking around town for the best I could find I came across the following ’14L box & lid’:


So I got that set up, poured in what I thought was about eight litres of coolant/water mix and found that it reached the top of the box. Hmmm! Rough dimensions of the box are 0.30m x 0.20m x 0.13m = 0.0078m³ = 7.8L. Somewhat less than the claimed 14L.

So, don’t believe what you read on a sticker on a box! Maybe 14L is the model number…


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