I’m not really sure why I’m blogging about the initial material stock we purchased for the Northackton laser cutter, but I have photos so thought I might as well use them…

5L of Laserscript Coolflow anti-freeze from HPC. I’m sure we could have found something similar that we could have picked up locally instead of paying £15 for a delivery (and still having to fetch it 15 miles from the delivery depot). Mixes 4:1 with de-ionised water.


Ten sheets of 3mm and ten sheets of 1.5mm ply from Hobarts. Each sheet will need cutting into three to fit the 275x217mm bed of the laser. Incidentally, that’s the cuttable area, but sheets up to 326×260 will just fit in the recess. Also a sheet of laserable rubber to play with (which was fun previously).


And some acrylic offcuts to get us started:DSCF0565

I can’t see that lot lasting that long, but it should last us long enough to know what we need to order more of.


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